Developer's name Programming language Comment
John Doe JavaScript What's "this"?
Joe Appleseed Python I like them snakes!
Mr Smith JavaScript This Is A Comment
Pete PHP The elephant in the room
Martha Java Java is cool
Jane Doe C Old school
Test Java Huehue brbr
Jane Doe JavaScript JS FTW!
Anthony Python Hello
Foo bar Python
Maria JavaScript Sou a Maria!
Anton PHP Hi
ruby C f sharp
Test Ruby Test
Bob Whitelock Ruby Elm is actually my favourite!
shane Python hrm
Azmir JavaScript lkwqjlq liqjdw lkqij
David Darnes JavaScript Just Dave, saying hello world
bep Go Go Hugo!
Micky Mouse JavaScript Very nice
Jastu Python Luv Python!!
fdfff Ruby dfsf
John Doe C Here's the thing...
Altairka C Wow. Is it works?
Tommy Python Nice!
Miguel Piedrafita PHP Autometalogolex
dgfdgfdg Java sddfsfsdfsdfsfs
hamsi Ruby Karadenizli Hamsi
Max JavaScript Not a bot.
Testing C I just wanna test
Test Ruby Test
GabbHack Python test
TheDuckDude C C is COOL
Russ JavaScript
TheDude Ruby I am commenting
Aquiles Python This is the thing
Colton PeopleCode PeopleSoft
zongren Java Developing is good.
zongren JavaScript JavaScript is cool.
Test Tester Ruby trying with checkbox
John M JavaScript This is cool
OverArizona Go Dude!
gs PHP Coo!
James Dean Go
Ostap34JS PHP hello world!
Testing JavaScript test
NoName Java I love Java!
Bob Wood Python
gfdgdfgfdg PHP gdfgdfgd
Chuck Norris C Actually it was C++
Jubayed JavaScript HI
yes JavaScript
Test Java Test
JJ Python ascascasc
Juan Perez Lopez Python I have a python.
John Doe Java Why no C#?
Loay Python I love it
Tester Rust still working at 06/09/2018 12:57?
Tester Rust # Some heading
asda Python asdasd
Mister Retsim C Non-C = pleb
egecue JavaScript rly gud.
ç Ruby
Pain Python


Oh Boy PHP
pop PHP This is a test entry
max Python bla
please Python don't
Ender Python asdf I'm portuguese too! :D
Isaac Chan Python It's simple and it works!
Alexis C


Heya PHP
Tom Rust There's the thing
z Java sasas
Soemthing PHP adsas;doaksmd,a;lsd
Jane Doe JavaScript # ORANGE JUICE ALL THE WAY!!!

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